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1. Download client.

To run the game correctly on our server, you should download Ragnarok Online game client.

If you already have Ragnarok Online game client (kRO RAG_SETUP0923.exe 1.3 GB), just download our patcher (23 mb) and install it on your client:
  1. 1st Mirror / [Altera]

If you don’t have Ragnarok Online game client (kRO RAG_SETUP0923.exe 1.3 GB), then you have to download both game client and our patcher. To download RAG_SETUP0923.exe, use one of the following links:

  1. 1st Mirror

2. How to install Ragnarok Online

  1. Download and install RAG_SETUP0923.exe 1.3 GB (using links above).
  2. Open the game folder, then run ragnarok.exe and wait until the installation progress is complete.
  3. Download our patcher and install it into the same folder, as for RAG_SETUP0923.exe
  4. Wait until the updates are completely installed. After it’s finished, use “Run game” button.
  5. Enter your Login and Password (that you provided during registration progress).
  6. Create your game character and enjoy the world of Altera Ragnarok Online. Have a good time playing with us ;)