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AlteraRO’s server rules.

Chapter I.

«Rights and Duties»

1.1. Agreement to this terms means that you (further on – “the player”) must follow all rules mentioned here, and also have to fulfill the requirements that service administrators can ask you to do.
1.2. If some conflicts occur, both the account owner and the rulebreaker are responsible for what has been done.
1.3. The player has his rights to make a complaint and to send it to the Admins.
1.4. In case of breaking these rules by someone, you should create a topic in the correct section of the forum, which MUST include: description of the situation occurred, nicknames and screenshots, video and other proofs that can be helpful. But if it’s wrong information, you’ll be punished by All-Mighty BanHammer :)
1.5. In case of breaking the rules by Helpers and Developers, you should make a complaint using the same scheme as for 1.3, BUT you MUST send a Personal Message with your complaint to the main administrator - AlteraRO Admin. If such type of complaints is published openly (e.g. Forum), then you’ll be punished by being banned (both in-game and forum’s accounts; ban-time is set up by AlteraRO Admin).

Administration of the server (mainly AlteraRO Admin) is reserve right :

  • To make any types of changes into this agreement and doesn’t have to notice players;
  • To make any changes into the game balance and range of implemented services;
  • To control the game process totally and have an influence on it if necessary;
  • To stop supporting services to user (group of users) without any notifications;
  • Not to return any equip, zeny and other in-game values*, which were lost because of misunderstanding the rules, hacking/cracking game accounts, during rollbacks, server errors etc.

*Complaints as “Awhh… I gave “+100500 Ice Pick” to my friend/guildmember and he suddenly disappeared! Give my lovely Pick back!” see 2.7;

Chapter II

«Administration politic»

2.1. If you’ve misunderstood these rules or simply didn’t have any thoughts to read them, you’re still responsible for your actions and behavior.
2.2. Do not publish the conversations (including PMs) with administration representatives (if only the admins are agreed with those publications).
2.3. Advertising other Ragnarok Online servers, any mentions, links are forbidden.
2.4. Administration doesn’t guarantee uninterrupted, constant work of the game servers and other services; administration team isn’t responsible for damage, which can be caused by any types of AlteraRO services.
2.5. Selling/buying (also an attempt to sell/buy) in-game values for cash outside the game or for virtual money (e.g. WebMoney, PayPal etc) is against the rules.
2.6. Trading (also an attempt to trade) in-game values/accounts between servers are also forbidden.
2.7. In case of transferring/giving an access to your account (login/password) or equipment, zeny, and other in-game values to the another person, you’ll still be responsible for all actions, which can be done using your character/account in general. Administration will NOT help you in these situations (stealing in-game values, recovering characters from jails etc); Do it on your own risk.
2.8. Administration doesn’t examine complaints, which were sent more than one week after the accident had happened.
2.9 Pay attention! Administrator, Helpers or GameMasters will NEVER ask you to tell them your login/password, or give equips, zeny and other in-game values! If you’re not sure, type something in the chat using @request command, and ask to repeat that text. To your safety, you should know that each representative of the administration has the special character’s sprite and yellow nickname which starts with prefix [GM].

Chapter III


• Client side

3.1. Do not change/modify your game client without Server Administration’s permission. In other cases, modified client is illegal and strictly forbidden to be used for AlteraRO servers.
3.2. Any changes/modifications of the game client in order to receive in-game bonuses are forbidden at all.

• Software and Homunculus AI.

3.3. No botting, hacking and other programs, which can help you to automate game progress (except Homunculus AI options)
3.4. You’re not allowed to use (in Homunculus AI options):
a) automatic casts of any active Alchemist’s skills;
b) automatic Homunculus feeding;
c) automatic Alchemist’s movement;
d) Homunculus movement outside the Alchemist’s visible zone;
3.5. Do not leave characters and Homunculus without your supervision. It’s forbidden to lvlup when you’re AFK. You can hide your Homunculus using the “Rest” skill (this rule doesn’t spread to non-monster maps, e.g. towns)
3.6. No client/server bug using (exploiting) in order to receive in-game bonuses or to damage server/its parts. You MUST submit immediately about any bugs or errors you’ve found. Hiding such bugs/information = using it ( = punishment x_X)
3.7. Using, spreading and discussing any types of programs or ideas, which can break or stop game process, are against the rules.

Chapter IV

«Character name and game account»

4.1. Your Login and E-Mail are the main things that identify you as an account owner. In order to receive our help for in-game situations/questions and other operations over your game account, you should be able to tell us your login and confirm the e-mail addres.
4.2. Name of the in-game character should be readable and easy to pronounce. It should NOT abuse other players, and cannot obtain any censored words/elements.
4.3, 4.4. Names of the parties (btw if you’re a guild member, it’s additional names too) which can abuse and humiliate other players are also forbidden.

Chapter V

«Communication and Gameplay»

• General rules

5.1. Actions that can stop or break game process are against the rules. Hiding information about those actions are also against the rules..
5.2. Do not abuse and humiliate each other. You’re here to play together, so show respect to other players.
5.3. No profanity in general chat (especially in towns).
5.4. Do not impersonate other players.
5.5. Do not impersonate administration representative.
5.6. Abusing and censored open chats are forbidden.
5.7. No racism/sexism/stereotyping/etc. Do not use any nationalistic symbols and expressions. No such propaganda.
5.8. Do not demand the information from other players, which they think can be secret.
5.9. Illegal access to somebody else’s account is forbidden.
5.10. Do not show your anti-respect to Administration. Our decisions are out of discussion.
5.11. Do not disturb other players’ gameplay. For example, cast Kyrie Eleison on the character who has already Assumption buffed on (out of PvP/GvG zones), attempts to kill other players by bringing aggressive monsters closer to them (e.g. during MvP raid), keeping the vendor place by non-trading character standing on it, setting up enormous prices for vendor shop (e.g. Jellopy for 100500 zen) etc.
5.12. No KS (kill-steal), except from non-quest MvP (MvP summoned by quests - Ktullanux, Memory of Thanatos, Vesper, Wounded «Satan» Morroc – are also forbidden to be KS-ed).
5.13. No begging/No question flooding/No QQ – occasionally asking for help isn’t a crime, but continuous begging annoys other players/admins.
5.14. No scamming – do not try to scam other players (in order to have a benefit or not). Save your good name.
5.15. Typing one word for each line, typing all CAPITAL letters in one word, repeating the same phrase/line, annoying ads – that’s all forbidden.
5.16. Do not give out/shout/whisper any false information and private information about players.
5.17. Do not give out/shout/whisper any false information and private information about Administration.

Chapter VI

«Communication with the staff members.»

6.1. While communicating with a staff member, you should be polite and patient. The player should tell about the problem in fluent Russian (without using slang expressions; foreign players should speak English), briefly and easy to understand. Answer the questions you can be asked by admins or Administration representatives (further on – “Helpers”).
6.2. Do not interrupt the Helper, discuss his personal abilities/skills, and use jokes and bad humor. Obviously, it’s not the best place to show your good sense of humor.
6.3, 6.4. Do not ask the Helper to do something (even if it’s the part of his/her work).
6.5. Do not call the Helper without a proper reason; do not try to complicate his/her work.
6.6. Do not repeat for many times the question/complaint/etc using PM or @request. It only increases the time you’ll have an answer.


Note: punishment’s time can be various and actually different from what you can see here. Jail/ban time can be sentenced by severity or AlteraRO Admin’s opinion without any notifications.

Chapter I

Incorrect information for 1.4: mute for 30 min/more >>> permanent ban;
Incorrect information for 1.5: ban 3 days/more >>> permanent ban.

Chapter II

2.2: (deleting information forbidden) in-game mute 30 min/more and forum mute 1 day/more >>> ban;
2.3, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8: permanent ban.

Chapter III

3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.6, 3.7: permanent ban;
3.5: at first – jail >>> permanent ban.

Chapter IV.

П. 4.2 — 4.2: rename or permanent ban;
П. 4.3 — 4.3: permanent ban;
П. 4.4 — 4.4: jail/ban.

Chapter V.

5.1, 5.5, 5.7, 5.9, 5.10, 5.14, 5.17, 5.18: permanent ban;
5.2, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.6, 5.8, 5.11, 5.12, 5.13, 5.15, 5.16: mute 30 min/more >>> permanent ban.

Chapter VI

6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.5, 6.6: mute 30 min/more >>> permanent ban;
6.4: ban 1 day >>> permanent ban.